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Stephens, Evan (1854-1930). A Primer and First Reader of Vocal Music. Salt Lake City, UT: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1883.

Music professor Evan Stephens wrote the first book in 1883. Stephens headed the music department at the University from 1883-1900 and also composed music.

Type of Publisher

Original Copyright Holder
Evan Stephens

Signatures, Pagination, Binding, and Paper
Folded [A]—E2; one leaf. [1] full title, verso with phrase ‘copyright secured’; [3] preface from author with music definitions on verso; 1-40 text; index. Full cloth binding with gold stamped title design, wood pulp paper, 16.5 cm x 12.7 cm

States and Variants
Three copies held in libraries, including Marriott Library. Reproductions for sale by Nabu Press.

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Stephens, Evan. The School and Primary Songster. Salt Lake City, UT: Coalter & Snelgrove, 1889.

The work taught the “practical reading of vocal music in public schools or classes” and “awaken[ed] the intellectual faculties.” The textbook included a teacher’s guide and an overview of using music in the classroom. As evidenced by the low number of libraries that hold a copy of the textbook (n=18), it was most likely not widely adopted outside the state.

Binding and paper: Case binding with paper-covered board and cloth spine, wood pulp paper, 13.9 cm x 17.7 cm

Signatures: folded [A]—E2; one leaf

Pagination: [1] full title with verso blank; [3] table of content, verso with author’s note; 5-106 text.

States and Variants

Three different publishers according to copies in Marriott Library collections: Coalter & Snelgrove (the examined copy), Carstensen & Ansen Company (noted in the library’s catalog record), and Daynes & Coalter which indicates it was originally in the collection of the Salt Lake Public library. All variants have the same publication year (1889). The Daynes & Coalter variant and the Carstensen & Anson variant both list the companies’ addresses as being the same as Coalter & Snelgrove (74 Main Street, Salt Lake City). Daynes & Coalter copy lists the printer as Magazine Printing Company, Salt Lake City. One variant of the Coalter & Snelgrove copy includes two title pages representing a small printing error.