Create Your Own University Bibliography

If you have ever wondered what your institution has produced in terms of books, journal articles, or creative works, consider starting an institutional bibliography. This is a new field and we need more institutional bibliographers! Follow my mini research blog for updates on struggles, confusion, eureka moments and let’s build a community of experts.

Elements Needed to Start a University Bibliography

  • Interest in history of scholarly communication
  • Dedicated research release time
  • Historical faculty employment records
  • Institutional histories and biographies
  • Bibliographical search tools such as
    • Local library catalog
    • WorldCat
    • HathiTrust
    • Google Scholar
    • Web of Science
    • Scopus
    • Internet Archive
    • Amazon
    • Copyright records
  • Data management or spreadsheet software
  • Some knowledge of descriptive bibliography, education history, and history of scholarly publishing