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Beckstrand, Elias Hyrum, and F.C. French. “Tests of Brick.” University of Utah Bulletin (University of Utah) 1 (September 1908): 32.

By 1908, the school of engineering had several laboratories “very thoroughly and completely equipped for experimental work—both illustrative and research work” (University of Utah 1908). The school, called the State School of Mines at the time, wished to “present in the form of bulletins the results of the researches in the various laboratories” (ibid.). Bulletins were printed by a number of different Salt Lake City printers: Century Printing, Skelton Printing, Arrow Press, University Press, and F.W. Gardiner Press. The documents do not indicate copyright ownership and only the 1912 bulletin listed a price of $0.50.

Mechanical Engineering professor Elias Beckstrand and Civil Engineering Professor F.C. French served as the primary authors on the first bulletin “Tests of Brick.” Senior civil engineering students Joseph Hunter and O. A. Peterson conducted the experimental work. Chemistry instructor Kenneth Williams provided the chemical analysis. The researchers sought to publish “the properties and qualities of the building material manufactured in the State of Utah and the western state generally” for engineers and builders since the engineering literature lacked such information. Over the course of a year, the authors collected samples from almost all the brick manufacturers in the state and selected them at random for testing. The experiments tested for “crushing strength, for shearing strength, and for transverse strength; also for the absorption of water, for weathering, and for chemical constituents.”

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