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Talmage, James E. “Lake Bonneville—the Predecessor of the Great Salt Lake.” Scottish Geographical Magazine 18, no. 9 (1902): 449-471.

Talmage wrote an accompanying piece to his Great Salt Lake paper about Lake Bonneville in a 1902 essay.

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Unknown. The Scottish Geographical Society published the magazine. It was printed by T. and A. Constable, printers of her majesty at the University Press. Hugh A. Webster and Arthur Silva White served as editors at the inaugural issue (1885). By 1901, the editors were James Geikie and George Sandeman.

Historical Article Distribution and Current Market
All Scottish Geographical Society members received the magazine monthly by mail. In 1885, a year after the society started, membership stood at 1,045. Membership numbers were not indicated for 1901/1902, the year Talmage published. The article is currently for sale by Taylor & Francis.

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