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Merrill, Joseph F. “Influence of the Surrounding Dielectric on the Conductivity of Copper Wire.” Physical Review (Series I) 8, no. 2 (February 1899): 112-127.

Physics and engineering professor Joseph Merrill wrote his first journal article in 1899. The paper refuted several researchers who argued that a modification to Ohm’s law was necessary. Merrill, through a comparative method he devised, tested conductivity with several dielectrics and concluded that Ohm’s law did not need modifying.

Type of Publisher
Commercial. According to the American Physical Society, the journal was started by Edward L. Nichols, a professor at Cornell University in 1893 with colleague Ernest Merritt who served as co-editor. Macmillan & Co published the journal according to historical copyright records and A Memoir on the Physical Review by Paul Hartman, a brief history of the journal.

Original Copyright Holder
Unknown. Macmillan & Co. has a copyright entry in 1893 for Physical Review, but no entry for 1899.

Historical Article Distribution and Current Market
Distribution of the first volume (1893) was 1,000 copies (source: Paul Hartman, “A Memoir on the The Physical Review” Woodbury, NY: American Institute of Physics,1994, pg. 26). Currently, 1,157 libraries hold the journal and the article is for sale by Nabu Press.

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