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Coray, George Q. “The University of Utah.” The American University Magazine, May 1895: 141-158.

University Librarian George Q. Coray published an article on the University’s history and provided several images of the main building, laboratories, museum, and library. The University was still in its location on 3rd west. The magazine was based in New York City and the mission was to cover news and events across higher education in the country. The publisher was American University Magazine Publishing Company and charged $2.50 a year to subscribe to the magazine ($0.25 for one volume). It included several advertisements from local businesses and colleges. There was no indication they served as the copyright holder.

Type of Publisher

Original Copyright Holder

Historical Article Distribution and Current Market
A. U. Faulkner and Spenser O. M. Ovington served as editors and issued the magazine monthly under the guidance of a Board of Directors representing several higher education institutions. The title is not included in the American Periodicals Index. No business records or archival holdings could be located to determine number of subscribers or distribution. 33 libraries currently hold the title and the article is for sale by Nabu Press.

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