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Montgomery, Henry. “Prehistoric Man in Utah.” The Archaeologist, August 1894.

Although not his discipline at the time, Henry Montgomery wrote one of the first series of articles on archaeology in Utah published in the August, October, and November issues of The Archaeologist, a monthly magazine organized in January 1893 by The Archaeologist Publishing Company in Waterloo, Indiana. It became a copyrighted title of Landon Printing and Publishing Company of Columbus, OH in 1895. The archaeology department at the University of Utah did not exist until 1914 when it was started by Professor Byron Cummings. Montgomery’s 1894 article reported on excavations in Juab, Piute, and Emery counties.

Type of Publisher

Original Copyright Holder
Unknown. Rights holder eventually became Landon Printing and Publishing.

Historical Article Distribution and Current Market
Historical distribution unknown. The magazine was started by Augustus Charles Gruhlke, a German immigrant, railroad worker, and inventor according to Gruhlke’s obituary “Waterloo Inventor Found Lifeless” originally published in The Waterloo Press in 1935 and republished on Find-a-Grave. According to an editorial in the second volume of the magazine, Warren K. Moorehead, professor of archaeology at Ohio State University’s, served as editor and solicited contributions from “recognized anthropologists,” but the magazine’s audience, according to the editorial, was collectors. An advertisement in the same volume offered readers free subscriptions valued at $1 per year if they secured up to four new yearly subscribers and the editorial urged readers to mention the magazine to fellow collectors. This suggests the publishing company did not employ subscription agents or sales personnel. The editorial indicates that subscriptions and advertisements were managed by the business office in Waterloo, Indiana, likely by Gruhlke as owner. The advertisement also shows that shares of the company sold for $25 with an option to pay by installments of $0.20. The journal became the “official organ of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society” based in Columbus, OH which the editor Moorehead had an affiliation with as museum curator. Currently, The Archaeologist is held by 27 libraries and the article is for sale by Nabu Press.

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