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Brighton, Thomas B. “The Hydrocarbons of Utah.” The Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (American Chemical Society) 5, no. 12 (December 1913): 973-976.

Chemistry professor Thomas Brighton co-authored a journal article on tests done on five of the fifteen kinds of hydrocarbons of Utah. Brighton provided a literature review (the first seen in any of the U of U-authored journal articles up to this point) in context of the five hydrocarbons: gilsonite, ozocerite, wutzlilite, tabbyite, and rock asphalt. The authors also list possible industrial uses of the hydrocarbons.

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American Chemical Society

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The journal was published monthly and distributed to members. Membership by 1913 stood at 6,219. Non-members could subscribe to the journal for $6 a year, but there are no records detailing distribution to non-members. The journal is currently held by 1,286 libraries.

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