Pack, Fred J. “Cambrian Fossils from the Pioche Mountains, Nevada.” The Journal of Geology (The University of Chicago Press) 14, no. 4 (May 1906): 290-302.

Geology and mineralogy professor Fred Pack wrote an article on fossils from the Pioche Mountains, Nevada in 1906. Pack collected fossils from various mines in the region over a three-month period in order to fill the gap in knowledge about the Cambric period in the western U.S. The paper included several plates of specimen drawings prepared by Pack.

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University Press

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Unknown. Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin started the journal in 1893 and served as editor after moving to the University of Chicago from the University of Wisconsin to start a new geology department.

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Historical distribution unknown. In his inaugural editorial, Chamberlin indicated that he wanted the journal to be “free of the usual financial embarrassments attending the publication of a scientific magazine,” which might mean he wanted it to be advertised and sold to a specialized audience instead the more traditional general audience. 1,331 libraries currently subscribe. The article is for sale by the University of Chicago Press.

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